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Xiaoliuqiu guide the solamente traveller 小琉球

Xiaoliuqiu is a Taiwan overseas area made totally regarding red coral and well-known for its plentiful water turtles. Though it really is one of several smaller countries, Xiaoliuqiu’s distance from the coast of Pingtung causes it to be a rather well-known Taiwan week-end travel using its perpetual sunlight, sand and water. Here’s my guide on activities to do on Xiaoliuqiu as a solo traveller and great tips on things to browse.

Taiwan‘s overseas countries are a handful of of my favourite locations to see and Xiaoliuqiu had been my very first end back at my Taiwan area adventure that included Penghu in addition to Matsu isles. Browse my IG features to see some photographs and video clips from my Xiaoliuqiu travel.

Xiaoliuqiu Scuba Diving Turtle Me
Just chilling using the turtles in Xiaoliuqiu

in which is Xiaoliuqiu situated?

Xiaoliuqiu is a component of Taiwan’s south Pingtung county. It’s among Taiwan’s overseas countries situated towards the south of Kaohsiung City. Moreover it has its own various brands that you will discover on the internet and on maps – Lambai Island, Ryukyu Island, minimal Liuqiu, Liouchiou, though Xiaoliuqiu 小琉球 could be the title that i discovered most often utilized by the Taiwanese.

Best time for you to go to Xiaoliuqiu

Xiaoliuqiu is within the south element of Taiwan which usually tends to make its weather condition more gentle when compared to the remainder nation. We’re speaking conditions averaging around 25-35ºC in winter months months, to go to it any moment of the year.

However provided its area vibes, summers (Summer to August) tend to be whenever Xiaoliuqiu reaches its busiest as residents and tourists alike flock to its beautiful seas and shores. We went to in-may that is prior to the top period therefore had been HOT. Like 30ºC++ without clouds sort of hot. Seriously really beach-friendly weather condition.

Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Trail Me Hat
Cover up! I’d on plenty of sunscreen but nonetheless finished up some burned all over mouth

How to arrive at Xiaoliuqiu

Xiaoliuqiu is easiest to arrive at if you’re currently in Kaohsiung, but whether or not you’re in Taipei or originating from Taoyuan airport terminal, it’s not so difficult to visit increased Speed Train to obtain truth be told there.

1) HSR to Zuoying facility 左營高鐵

If you are traveling directly into Taoyuan Airport, the best way to arrive at Kaohsiung should very first visit the airport train to Taoyuan HSR facility 桃園高鐵 (20-30 minutes, 25 NTD on easycard) and make the high-speed train down seriously to Zuoying facility 左營高鐵 (about 1.5 hours) [Google maps] – the HSR violation we pre-bought via Klook [affiliate link] costs about SG$45 (traditional violation during the HSR section is 1,330 NTD/S$58). Pre-booking suggests you can easily reserve a seat on the web aswell (you should not fit in non-reserved vehicles or stand)

Taiwan High Speed Rail Train Ticket
HSR Train violation from Taoyuan to Zuoying
Taiwan High Speed Rail Train Seats
HSR trains tend to be quite large and comfortable

2) Tourist Shuttle Bus 9127-D to Donggang Ferry Terminal 東港渡船碼頭

At Zuoying HSR facility, seek the violation booth and you will purchase a bus violation the Dapeng Scenic Area to alight at Donggang Ferry Terminal 東港渡船碼頭. Seat booking is necessary! Even although you plan to spend by Easycard on coach, you nonetheless still need to pop by and ‘reserve’ a seat because no standing is permitted on coach incase it’s complete, you’ll need certainly to wait for after that coach. It’s a big mentor and you will place your bags in baggage location if you wish to.

The coach trip takes just below one hour and expenses 120 NTD (106 NTD if you are using your Easycard). More on Taiwan Tourist Shuttle coach 9127-D. You are able to make reference to this video clip by Freedive Nomad for a Youtube video clip showing you in which going.

Zuoying HSR Dapeng Bay Ticket Booth
Dapeng Bay Ticket Booth at Zuoying HSR facility
Zuoying HSR Dapeng Bay Timings
My violation booking together with the coach deviation timings
Zuoying HSR Dapeng Bay Bus
The coach end is merely a brief stroll from violation booth

Shared Taxis: There can also be provided taxis going from Zuoying facility to Donggang Ferry Terminal, however it does be determined by once you arrive plus they await a particular minimal few pax before they leave. it is simpler for look for these during the Ferry Terminal to obtain to the HSR facility. It is possible to book this provided transportation via Klook [affiliate link] linking that Zuoying HSR, Kaohsiung Railway facility and downtown Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung Airport: Singapore does not presently fly direct to Kaohsiung Airport (KHH), but I’d to obtain from Donggang Ferry Terminal to Kaohsiung Airport to get my trip to Penghu. The vehicle solution advised by my guesthouse quoted me personally 800 NTD, but during the ferry terminal i discovered a taxi motorist which quoted me personally 700 NTD the 1-way trip (we’d a pleasant talk and then he also provided me with a sesame bun).

3) Ferry to Xiaoliuqiu

Donggang Ferry Terminal features a few organizations offering ferry passes to Xiaoliuqiu. My guesthouse had organized my passes in my situation via Tungliu Ferries 東琉線 and i recently needed to pop because of the violation screen with my name/phone/booking quantity and passport to access my passes. There is no fixed time the passes, i recently took the following readily available ferry. There was a ferry routine to offer a rough concept of whenever ferries leave.

The ferry trip takes about 20 mins in addition to round-trip ferry passes from Donggang to Xiaoliuqiu price 400 NTD/S$17. It is possible to pre-book your Donggang-Xiaoliuqiu ferry passes via Klook for Tungliu Ferries and TF Shipping [affiliate links] – the ferry passes have an alternative for provided taxi transfer from Zuoying/Kaohsiung train programs for a supplementary $7-8 that is quite inexpensive therefore don’t need to worry about the coach. This Tungliu violation features a QR code so that you don’t have even to be concerned about choosing it, simply get directly to the ferry.

Note that we now have no airports on area – the only method to arrive at Xiaoliuqiu is through Ferry. You are able to browse LeucoSapphire 藍白航 or Liuxin 琉興航運 for lots more ferry passes and schedules.

Donggang Harbour Entrance
Busy Donggang Harbour
Donggang Harbour Entrance
Walking off to the boat

The community ferries dock at Baishawei Harbour 白沙尾漁港 on the northeastern end of Xiaoliuqiu. Baishawei is just about Xiaoliuqiu’s downtown location and bsides a pleasant huge duty-free store during the harbour for last-minute purchases, you may also go toward primary city location where in actuality the guesthouses, scooter rentals and task stores are situated.

Xiaoliuqiu Baishawei Harbour Ferry
Baishawei Harbour Ferry on Xiaoliuqiu
Xiaoliuqiu Baishawei Sign
Walking toward primary city location from Baishawei harbour

There is yet another harbour at Dafu 大福 on east region of the area [Google maps] that personal ferries check-out that leaves from Yanpu Harbour 鹽埔港 that is simply north from Donggang Harbour [Google maps], but Dafu is a lot less hectic than Baishawei so you could have issues in the event that you don’t prebook a scooter of transfer towards resort. Browse Dafuliuqiu 大福琉球航運 or this website link on Klook that offers Dafuliuqiu ferry + e-scooter bundles [affiliate link] for lots more.

Xiaoliuqiu Dafu Harbour
Dafu Harbour – we passed by while scooting all over area and there’s not significant else close by here!

How to obtain around Xiaoliuqiu


Xiaoliuqiu is a fairly tiny area that is about 6.8sq km big with about 12km of coast. That means you to be able to circle the area in about half an hour on scooter in the event that you rode nonstop. There was a main band roadway 環道路 that employs the coast in which almost all of the tourist attractions are situated, along with 2-3 various other bigger roadways that operate from north to south through center of area.

Xiaoliqiu is reasonably level though there are many slopey bits – e-scooters (which do not need a driving permit) can certainly still handle these though there’s one specially high roadway around the lighthouse/old Banyan tree search they don’t suggest e-scooters just take for the reason that it is a proper high incline.

Xiaoliuqiu Baishawei Harbour Scooters
Scooters will be the easiest way to obtain around

Alternative settings of transportation

There is a public coach 601 that employs the key band roadway all over area of Xiaoliuqiu (601A slices through center roadway), however it’s pretty infrequent (hourly approximately) therefore prepare really if you would like utilize this.

Things to complete in Xiaoliuqiu

Baishawei Harbour is situated in the north of area and in which downtown Xiaoliuqiu most abundant in stores and amenities are situated. People usually get anti-clockwise due to the fact island’s much more popular places are situated on west coastline, to ensure that’s exactly what I’ll do because of this Xiaoliuqiu help guide to demonstrate what you could see on the way.

Most folks do on a daily basis day at Xiaoliuqiu, but i do believe it’s well worth investing a minumum of one evening right here to take pleasure from the area following the crowds of people leave – the final ferries leave between 5-6pm. We invested 2 evenings right here that has been enough time going all over area repeatedly.


Vase Rock 花瓶石

One of Xiaoliuqiu’s many iconic places, Vase Rock is a favorite place for professional photographers, along with snorkelers and scuba scuba divers as there are lots of water turtles found around right here.

Just be ready for that it is constantly crowded. We emerged within the night whenever wave had been reduced to take pleasure from the sunset and there have been many individuals milling around. The following early morning we scuba dived from the coast every now and then had been plenty of snorkelling teams around.

Xiaoliuqiu Vase Rock Sunset
Sunset at Vase Rock
Xiaoliuqiu Vase Rock Viewing Platform
A tiny coastline results in the stone
Xiaoliuqiu Vase Rock
Closer view from the following. The ‘vase’ title evidently could be because of all flowers entirely on the surface of the stone
Xiaoliuqiu Vase Rock Diving Me
Going searching for water turtles!

Vase Rock – Huaping Shi 花瓶石 [Google maps]

Beauty Cave 美人洞

Further along Meiren roadway is a somewhat increased location labeled as the sweetness Cave or Meiren Dong. Beauty Cave in fact is comprised of 2 components – 1 little bit exercises over the coastline providing some water caverns to walk-through and seaside views, while another little bit is inland on contrary region of the roadway.

This is a ticketed location and you can find 2 stands (1 for each end of cave stretch) to purchase passes to enter. The violation includes entry to crazy Boar Trench and Ebony Devil Cave (more about that below).

Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Trail Ticket Booth
Pick your passes at these violation stands
Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Trail Map
Map of Beauty Cave tracks

The paved routes over the shoreline incorporate some stair climbing and lead through some interesting caverns and stones. If you are sensation daring, search for the 13 scenic view things discovered right here.

Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Trail Bat Cave
The Bat Cave had no bats on it though it absolutely was pretty poky
Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Trail Cave Stairs
Stairs lead through red coral stones

The inland location is much more of a forest course over the stones and woods. You can find a number of Rocks of Significance to see on the way along side some pavilions, but fundamentally it’s a pleasant scenic stroll to take pleasure from nature. Passes ordinarily cost 120 NTD and I’m uncertain if there was clearly some off-peak advertising taking place but we just needed to spend 100 NTD whenever I went to.

Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Trail Path
Walking over the path.

Beauty Cave – mei ren dong 美人洞 [Google maps]. Open up 7am-6pm (summertime Apr-Oct), 730am-5pm (cold weather Nov-Mar). 120 NTD for combined violation for Beauty Cave, Beauty seashore, crazy Boar Trench and Ebony Devil Cave.

Beauty Seashore 美人沙灘

This precious small coastline is correct close to where in actuality the Beauty Cave path is – you can view it from Beauty cave seaside path nevertheless entry toward coastline is some more in the future. A lot of snorkellers on the coastline that time having a wade in shallows.

Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach View
Beauty Seashore from above
Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Coast
Closeup of superior seas
Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Beach Low Tide
Perfect coastline weather condition

Beauty Seashore – mei ren sha tan 美人沙灘 [Google maps] – see Beauty Cave for violation details


Shanfu Ecological go 杉福生態廊道

This view more in the future from Beauty Seashore in fact appears rather nondescript to start with – there’s a stone marker right here, but stick to the course close to it and you’ll end up descending along a stone course into a vintage army bunker which starts around a-sea view.

You can walk surrounding this disused bunker which continues to have old army signage coated on its wall space, and relish the seaside views while you’re right here.

Xiaoliuqiu Shanfu Ecological Walk Marker
The marker – the road downwards is directly behind the stone
Xiaoliuqiu Shanfu Ecological Walk Path
Going straight down…
Xiaoliuqiu Shanfu Ecological Walk Bunker
View of bunker from the following!
Xiaoliuqiu Shanfu Ecological Walk Viewpoint
Sea view from right here

Shanfu environmental Walk – shan fu sheng tai lang dao 杉福生態廊道 [Google maps]

Wild Boar Trench Trail 山豬溝生態步道

Also the main premium violation, the crazy Boar (Sanzhu) Trench Trail is a pleasant woodland path where you could just take a stroll amidst greenery. Beautiful red coral stone structures with huge and old banyan woods developing regarding all of them amidst a thick forest canopy.

This destination is fantastic for some quick hikes and never a negative choice with regards to’s hot due to the fact dense vegetation causes it to be much more questionable. Anticipate some stair climbing nevertheless wood boardwalks are usually very easy to go and well-maintained.

No crazy boars spotted right here despite its title!

Xiaoliuqiu Sanzhu Trail Tree
Giant banyan developing out of the top of the stone
Xiaoliuqiu Sanzhu Trail Giant Rock
Some tracks cut-through the stone in mini tunnels
Xiaoliuqiu Sanzhu Trail Yixiantian
Yixiantian or 1 sliver of sky is a rather slim space in a big stone

You will find a-row of tiny meals stores during the entry of Sanzhu Trail. Here’s in which we consumed a truly precious turtle-shaped ice-cream, one of the numerous turtle-shaped meals I would personally experience within Xiaoliuqiu.

Xiaoliuqiu Sanzhu Trail Shops
Shops over the roadway from path entry
Xiaoliuqiu Sanzhu Trail Shops Turtle Popsicle
How cute could be the turtle popsicle!

Wild Boar Trench Trail – shan zhu gou sheng tai bu dao 山豬溝生態步道 [Google maps]

Venice seashore 威尼斯沙灘

Also referred to as Geban Bay seashore 蛤板灣, Venice seashore is an unusual sand coastline since many of Xiaoliuqiu’s shores are constructed with red coral. No violation is necessary to access this coastline that has some interesting shallows which make once and for all intertidal strolls, and its own west-facing causes it to be a favorite sunset place aswell.

Xiaoliuqiu Venice Beach
Venice Seashore from overhead on a cloudy time
Xiaoliuqiu Venice Beach Stalls
Some stalls right here including a site where you could wash-up with fresh-water for a tiny fee

Venice Seashore – wei ni si ya sha tan 威尼斯沙灘 [Google maps]

Black Devil Cave 烏鬼洞

The really ominous sounding Ebony Devil Cave could be the final destination on premium violation with Beauty Cave and crazy Boar Trench and it is actually a pleasant seaside woodland location for a stroll. There are many stores away from entry aswell though used to don’t have the possiblity to check always all of them on.

Xiaoliuqiu Black Devil Cave Entrance
Entrance toward Ebony Devil Cave is less ominous such great weather condition
Xiaoliuqiu Black Devil Cave Map
The beginning of title Ebony Devil is ambiguous – there’s a reason on indication which evidently is bullshit based on everybody online…

The real cave is a rather slim staircase leading into a rock break – it appears having caved in so that you can’t actually shimmy your path through cave if you can stick to the stairs to emerge out another place over the course.

Xiaoliuqiu Black Devil Cave Sign
Enter the cave…
Xiaoliuqiu Black Devil Cave Tunnel
More reduced stone tunnels to climb up through

we liked the seaside routes most readily useful! Xiaoliuqiu’s western coastline is stunning.

Xiaoliuqiu Black Devil Cave Yi Bridge
Yi Bridge and a pleasant pavilion and seaview

Black Devil Cave – wu gui dong 烏鬼洞 [Google maps] start 730am – 5pm

Sunset Pavilion 落日亭

Sunset Pavilion is on southwestern tip of Xiaoliuqiu and provided its title, is meant to provide among the better sunset views on area. Regrettably I became truth be told there on an extremely depressing mid-day along with to perform from rainfall after these shots, therefore I imagine I’ll need certainly to keep coming back once more in the future to see if it’s real. Beautiful water view though, with benches to stay around on and appreciate the scene.

Xiaoliuqiu Sunset Point
Sunset Point-on a gloomy mid-day
Xiaoliuqiu Sunset Point Fishermen
i love this chance of anglers simply perched on a rock contrary to the broad blue sea

Sunset Pavilion – luo ri ting 落日亭 [Google maps]


There is apparently even more items to see on western region of the area set alongside the eastern, nevertheless area is tiny adequate that you need to manage to make some circular trips quickly in the event that you wished to.

Guanyin Rock 觀音石

Along the southeastern coastline is a tiny stretch of Rocks of Significance – the Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) Rock is apparently more popular but also for the life span of me personally we can’t see Guanyin in almost any type, perhaps I’m not that divine.

Xiaoliuqiu Guanyin Rock
Just appreciate the scene

There can also be a Toad Rock that we missed, but We spotted the quite rodent-like Rat Rock 老鼠岩.

Xiaoliuqiu Rat Rock
Rat Rock

[Google Maps] The Guanyin, Toad and Rat stones are situated in quite close distance to one another over the Huandao path after you overlook a tiny temple on remaining.

Liuqiu Lighthouse 白燈塔

Located up a rather high pitch, the lighthouse is normally among the best locations to obtain a view since it’s on large floor, but handle your objectives because Liuqiu’s 10m high lighthouse is enclosed by woods so that you can’t start to see the coastline whatsoever from foot of the lighthouse. You can’t enter it both.

Xiaoliuqiu Lighthouse Up
Looking up during the lighthouse
Xiaoliuqiu Lighthouse Forest
Yup obstructed by woods

Liuqiu Lighthouse (White lighthouse) – bai deng ta 白燈塔 [Google maps]. Make the tiny roadway left after the Toad Rock and get right within the pitch.

Hundred Yr old Banyan Tree 百年老榕樹

whilst lighthouse view is unsatisfactory, there’s another place really close-by that offers some good views. Proceed with the indications toward Old Banyan Tree and you’ll look for a tiny clearing with some temple underneath an enormous banyan tree with sprawling limbs.

Xiaoliuqiu Old Banyan Tree Viewpoint Temple
Temple beneath the old banyan tree

The interesting little bit is obviously situated behind the Banyan Tree, in which there’s a tiny course the prospects through the woods…

Xiaoliuqiu Old Banyan Tree Viewpoint Path
Secret course! Really i am talking about with those indicators it’s not too concealed but nonetheless…

Look during the view of eastern coastline of Xiaoliuqiu! Maybe a pleasant sunrise place whenever you can wake up. That’s Key Seashore below. We made a fun quick video clip about any of it realize that you can view back at my Instagram.

Xiaoliuqiu Old Banyan Tree Viewpoint Coast
Panoramic view of Secret seashore in addition to kayakers

Hundred yr old Banyan Tree – bai nian lao rong shu 百年老榕樹 [Google maps]

Secret coastline 秘密沙灘

One of these secrets that is not concealed, Secret seashore is a rather picturesque small sheltered cove amidst the stones that appears like a favorite place for kayakers and SUPers. And it also’s additionally well-liked by snorkelers and turtle spotting.

Xiaoliuqiu Secret Beach Cove
Not-so-secret beach

Secret seashore – mi mi sha tan 秘密沙灘 [Google maps]

Lobster Cave 龍蝦洞

Up on northeast spot, we ended at Lobster Cave to see just what it absolutely was about, but this appeared to be a lot more of a snorkeling place once you go out on the stones. There is a location where you could clamber straight down some stones to arrive at the coastline to start to see the real Lobster Cave (a lot more like a split in stones) but used to don’t bother.

Xiaoliuqiu Lobster Cave Beach
Climbing down seriously to Lobster Cave the ‘gram
Xiaoliuqiu Lobster Cave Coast
we remained up top to appreciate the scene

Lobster Cave – very long xia dong 龍蝦洞 [Google maps]

Scuba Diving in Xiaoliuqiu

used to do have an opportunity to get scuba in Xiaoliuqiu that has been organized through my acccommodation. I’d initially booked a group scuba program via Klook [affiliate link] regrettably there have been insufficient folks so that it got terminated.

My guesthouse booked me personally a personal scuba diving program with Ocean Residence 海之家潛水店 for 2,000 NTD (S$85) including gear leasing + photos/videos – maybe not the least expensive, however it had been a fairly last-minute scheduling and a personal guide. This diving store even offers courses for all seeking to just take their particular Open liquid programs, or non-divers seeking to simply perform some knowledge diving.

Xiaoliuqiu Scuba Diving Centre Counter
Ocean Home’s interior

We got all completely set up during the diving store and I also hopped on a scooter behind my diving guide so we headed up to Vase Rock (it absolutely was high-tide that early morning) and performed a shore diving after that. Water had been rather obvious and even though perhaps not more interesting maybe regarding water life, there have been a number of turtles throughout. I’d one swimming up rather near to me personally.

Xiaoliuqiu Vase Rock Diving Me
All willing to plunge in
Xiaoliuqiu Scuba Diving Rock Me
Underwater shots!
Xiaoliuqiu Scuba Diving Turtle Me
Turtle encounter

Ocean Residence – hai zhi jia qian shui dian 海之家潛水店 [Google maps] Find all of them on Instagram

what things to consume in Xiaoliuqiu

Looking for eateries on Xiaoliuqiu? Although this is a tiny area, it gets quite loaded on vacations therefore ensure that you make bookings for well-known places and meals. A Number Of The meals stalls and restaurants are located in the city location in north, but you can find eateries spread throughout the area.

Sì bù huò Sushi 肆不惑 壽司.丼

The title of the sushi restaurant means something such as ‘Don’t be confused’, and also this the most well-known Japanese sushi restaurants on Xiaoliuqiu. It’s therefore well-known the restaurant does not just take walk-ins plus they are scheduled on days beforehand. We lucked on because We took place to locate their particular web page a single day once they started their particular bookings, therefore I submitted a request for eating right here and view whether or not it’s well worth all hassle.

Xiaoliuqiu Sibuhuo Exterior
Tiny restaurant and its own cheery yellowish wall space

It’s a sushi restaurant that acts donburi, sashimi and sushi. We bought a Caterpillar Roll 毛毛蟲捲 that is a rice covered around seaweed, crab stick and egg and topped with avocado and seafood roe and had been fresh and yummy. Miso soup is supported as a side and good.

Xiaoliuqiu Sibuhuo Caterpillar Roll
Caterpillar Roll

In addition bought a Chawanmushi (steamed egg) that many Japanese restaurants is supported in a tiny glass, but this had been a complete rice dish part which astonished me personally. Once again, great and delicious and a pleasant hot silky comparison toward sushi roll.

Xiaoliuqiu Sibuhuo Chawanmushi
rice dish size chawanmushi

we also bought some newly prepared sushi, and sadly we can’t let you know exactly what this animal meat is mainly because i recently requested the cook during the countertop to suggest me personally material, nevertheless one on right so-so smooth and delectable. I’m perhaps not often an admirer of natural seafood however in locations in which they are doing it fresh, it’s simply so great.

I invested 360 NTD overall, about S$15 for many pretty stellar sushi.

Xiaoliuqiu Sibuhuo Sushi
The remaining part is 軟絲 (that we believe is some kind of squid) in addition to right is 鰭邊肉 (flatfish?) – the flatfish really was soft

How to guide: Book via Twitter Messenger to their Facebook web page. Bookings available the after thirty days on 25th of past thirty days (example. May bookings open up on 25 Apr). Drop all of them a Facebook Message using the date/time/no. of pax/name/phone quantity (you can find directions that one may Google Translate within their FB articles), and await all of them to give you a calendar for verification.

Sibuhuo Sushi 肆不惑 壽司.丼 [Google maps]. Shut on Mon. Open up for supper 6pm – 9pm (meal 1130am – 2pm on Tue, Fri-Sun)

Yoyo Cheese Roll 起司捲

Yoyo mozzarella cheese roll is yet another meals that we held witnessing appear in my own Xiaoliuqiu lookups, and I also eventually risk upon the stall while operating around back at my 2nd time. I did son’t make a booking but simply sprang by to see if there was clearly any possiblity to select some up.

While it’s telephone call Yoyo Cheese Roll, the Pie 派 is obviously the popular thing for eating right here, perhaps not the Roll 卷. And because this is certainly an island, you’ll need the tuna that is their particular speciality. I did son’t understand any benefit plus they just had moves remaining, therefore I found a chicken roll (70 NTD) but also which was quite scrumptious.

Xiaoliuqiu Yoyo Cheese Roll Menu
Xiaoliuqiu Yoyo Cheese Roll Stall
Freshly deep-fried and trying to cool off
Xiaoliuqiu Yoyo Cheese Roll Chicken
Snacking back at my oozing chicken roll. Yum.

Yoyo 起司捲 [Google maps] Open 11am – 430pm. Check always their particular Facebook web page for closures incase you intend to make an order, telephone call (or ask anyone to phone) all of them straight.

Mizi’s Home 蜜仔琉部 餐館

Mizi’s Home is an Instagrammers fantasy, a lovely 2 storey residence close to the interface adorned with flowers all-around its outside and interior. It also possesses its own greenhouse of kinds. Their particular selection (that has some English) mainly is comprised of fusion pastas and pizza pie.

Again, I attempted my fortune walking in rather very early (before 6pm) and got a counter chair without having any bookings.

Xiaoliuqiu Mizis House Exterior
All the flowers at Mizi’s home
Xiaoliuqiu Mizis House Interior
Such a charming interior

My purchase had been the spaghetti with shrimps, garlic, mushroom and white wine (380 NTD) that has been delicious and completing, and paired by using a Xiaoliuqiu art alcohol with an orange taste profile and a lovely turtle label – delicious but quite gassy~

Xiaoliuqiu Mizis House Pasta Beer
Pasta and art alcohol for supper

Mizi’s home 蜜仔琉部 餐館 [Google maps]. Shut on Tues. Open up 11am – 2pm (5-8pm Fri-Sun). More about their particular Facebook web page.

Sea Daze

we chanced upon water Daze situated close to the Shanfu Ecological Walk therefore’s a pleasant coastline club that includes sand… over the mountain. It’s a rather pretty place and even though We meant to relax truth be told there for many sunset beers, as it happens they had a celebration the night time before and remained not exactly willing to open up whenever I popped by at their particular orifice time, ah well island life.

Still they i’d like to stay because of the water without the need to purchase everything because they prepped the club and I also surely got to take pleasure in the view free-of-charge. Could be a fantastic spot to go out through the night because they just shut previous midnight.

Xiaoliuqiu Sea Daze Tables
Sitting on sand with mountain views at water Daze
Xiaoliuqiu Sea Daze View
Prime seating because of the water, also bad there was clearlyn’t most of a sunset

Sea Daze [Google maps] start 5pm – 1am. More about their particular Instagram.

Tiantaijiao Ice store 天台角冰店

We finished up as of this store while wanting a location to wait patiently on a-sudden downpour that began while I became during the Sunset aim close by. We passed by previous and doubled to this place and got myself a pleasant energizing ice-cream to cool off and wait for rainfall to obvious.

This small dessert store features a lovely cottage vibe plus they do plenty of shaved ice sweets but those seemed excessively for lil’ me personally, therefore I decided for a vanilla ice-cream topped with black colored sugar that has been an ideal method to cool off in humid weather condition.

Xiaoliuqiu Tiantaibing Exterior
Tiantaijiao ice store features mainly sheltered sitting
Xiaoliuqiu Tiantaibing Tables
Cute poky small destination
Xiaoliuqiu Tiantaibing Black Sugar Ice Cream
My black colored sugar ice cream

Tiantaijiao Ice Store 天台角冰店 [Google maps]. Open up 11am – 5pm. More about their particular facebook web page.

Ocean Searching Ice (Haizhaobing) 海找冰

The weather condition on Xiaoliuqiu had been therefore hot and exotic that we finished up using plenty of ice-cream pauses, and another of my favourite places needed to be Haizhaobing. Found at Houshi after the Rat Rock, this artsy small dessert place features great views of low rugged shoreline over the eastern coastline.

Xiaoliuqiu Haizaobing Entrance
Haizhaobing’s artsy entry
Xiaoliuqiu Haizaobing Cafe
we went to at a weird mid-day time that is the reason why it absolutely was emptyish
Xiaoliuqiu Haizaobing View Low Tide
Look at that beautiful view. Those hills in length tend to be about Pingtung on mainland of Taiwan

Cooling straight down with a mermaid end ice-cream! These types of a great dessert, but i truly liked to be able to chill because of the shoreline in addition to reduced wave view. This destination evidently gets really crowded therefore there’s the very least 100 NTD purchase per individual and an occasion limitation of 90 mins.

Xiaoliuqiu Haizaobing Ice Cream
How cute is it ice-cream with a chocolate mermaid’s end and turtle chocs!

Ocean Searching Ice – 海找冰 Haizhaobin [Google maps] shut on Tues. Open up 11am – 5pm (10am Sat-Sun). More about their particular Instagram.

Liubing Handmade Popsicles 琉冰手作冰棒

Xiaoliuqiu’s the sunshine suggests there are numerous reasons why you should have pleasure in iced sweets, and Liubing’s hand-made popsicles tend to be possibly the prettiest that I’ve seen on area.

Xiaoliuqiu Liubing Entrance
Liubing hand-made popsicles

This dessert store tends to make unique popsicles with plenty of fresh fruit and color – these sticks tend to be ridiculously instagrammable additionally quite delicious on top of that.

Xiaoliuqiu Liubing Freezer
Trying in order to make a range
Xiaoliuqiu Liubing Popsicle
Finally selected a Mango-Strawberry combo with a kiwi for kicks

Liubing hand-made Popsicles 琉冰手作冰棒 [Google maps] shut on Wed. Open 10am – 730pm (1130am on Tue, 930am on sunlight, 9pm on Sat). More about their particular Facebook web page.

Locations to stay static in Xiaoliuqiu

Easy keep 尹居民宿

we selected a guest residence known as effortless keep with their affordable areas and main place close to the primary city location.

I’d an area on second flooring in addition to space is rather fundamental and even though used to don’t obviously have any view, it absolutely was sufficient to flake out in after lengthy times outside. The one thing is the fact that the air-conditioning had been just over the sleep so that it could easily get quite cool but apart from that it absolutely was great.

Xiaoliuqiu Easy Stay Guesthouse Room
My space had been clean though not elsewhere to stay aside from the sleep. The house windows can open up but there’s no view
Xiaoliuqiu Easy Stay Guesthouse Toilet
The model of the bath had been quite uncomfortable nevertheless liquid stress had been exceptional

The staff at effortless keep had been really friendly and accommodating. That which was great about talking-to effortless keep via LINE in the place of through scheduling system is they produced an entire bundle in my situation that included my ferry passes along with scooter leasing together with the space bundle therefore I performedn’t need to worry about scheduling all of these things individually.

On I would personally have compensated 4,104 NTD for a double space for just two evenings. We finished up having to pay a package cost of 5,200 NTD which included scooter leasing (800 NTD) and my ferry passes (400 NTD). Ordinarily the Taiwanese means should move a deposit to ensure your scheduling, but because I’m a foreigner and Taiwanese financial institutions tend to be a proper discomfort to move cash to, they’re often okay to get repayment in cash/card once you arrive.

The scooter they supplied had been well-maintained, and in addition they assisted us to organize my scuba program quite last-minute also, general I became really pleased with their particular solution.

Easy Keep is an excellent guesthouse if you need an easy, no-frills spot to sleep in the end your task around Xiaoliuqiu. Maybe not the fanciest if you need deluxe or views, however it features a convenient place (FamilyMart right reverse in addition to Baishawei interface a couple of minutes away by scooter, or walking in the event that you actually necessary to) and great solution.

Xiaoliuqiu Easy Stay Guesthouse Lounge
Lounge location on very first degree of the guesthouse – the areas had been upstairs, accessible through a door simply behind the red wall surface
Xiaoliuqiu Easy Stay Guesthouse Snacks
Free treats! Here is the popular braided biscuit that individuals purchase from Xiaoliuqiu

Check out Easy stick to [affiliate link]. You are able to get in touch with all of them straight via LINE @449rmucn in order to make a booking also plans.

Other accommodation choices we considered:

Have you gone to Xiaoliuqiu? Inform me when there is anything cool that we missed on therefore I can ideally notice it in the future! Meanwhile browse a number of the various other Taiwan offshore countries that I’ve visited:

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