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Rock Hyraxes: the elephant’s cousin

They could appear to be massive rodents, rock hyraxes should not part of Rodentia in any respect! They’re a part of the order Hyracoidea – which means elephants are considered one of their closest relations! Like elephants, rock hyraxes have two massive tusk-like incisors and robust molars for mashing vegetation. In addition they have flat, hoof-like nails fairly than the hooked claws widespread on different mammals. Whereas in regards to the dimension of an American soccer, the ancestors of hyraxes have been as massive as a small horse.

Residing as much as the identify, rock hyraxes may be discovered all through Africa hanging out in rocky formations that present shelter and safety. Their ft have moist, rubbery pads that act like suction cups, making it straightforward to climb easy surfaces with out slipping. Residing in colonies of 10-80 people, every day begins with a number of hours of sunbathing earlier than heading out to feed. On account of their poor circulation, they don’t like cool or wet climate and won’t go away their shelter if it’s not heat sufficient. 

Hyraxes have a three-chambered abdomen with micro organism to assist digest the crops they eat. Hyrax pups will eat poop from adults to get these micro organism! In the course of the moist season, rock hyraxes eat largely grass, however when the grass dries, they swap to fruits and leaves. They feed with their backs to one another, heads going through outward to observe for predators. Rock hyraxes have distinctive imaginative and prescient and might spot a predator over 1,000 yards (900 meters) away!


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