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Oxpeckers and Symbiosis | Adumu Safaris

Have you ever ever seen birds sitting on the backs of a few of your favourite giant animals?

These birds are known as oxpeckers, and you’ll usually discover them perched on a rhino or a zebra, amongst different animals. Oxpeckers aren’t any free riders – they really are in a symbiotic relationship with these animals, which implies that each species stay collectively and profit each other. 

Oxpeckers graze completely on the our bodies of many animals, together with, however not restricted to, warthogs, impalas, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, and rhinos. They primarily feed on ticks and different small bugs, which acts as a type of pest management for the host animals. Oxpeckers can even feed on the blood and wounds of their hosts. Some have argued that this slows down the therapeutic means of the damage, whereas others consider that it retains the injuries clear and accelerates the therapeutic course of. These conflicting statements have led to ongoing debates about whether or not or not the oxpeckers ought to truly be labeled as parasites, however no official labeling change has been made but.  

Regardless of ongoing debates concerning the true nature of this relationship, each species have been noticed to obtain advantages. Apart from cleansing their hosts of bugs, the oxpeckers act as a built-in alarm system to warn their hosts of potential risks. Oxpeckers will usually hiss, scream, or fly upwards to alert their hosts of an incoming menace. Then again, the oxpecker is way extra depending on the host, as it’s going to spend most of its life on the hosts’ physique. Apart from having a comparatively steady meals supply, the host provides the oxpeckers a protecting cloak from many giant predators. The following time you go on an African safari, convey your binoculars to see should you can spot this distinctive duo!

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