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High 5 Locations within the World to See Penguins

They slide on their bellies throughout the snow, congregate on icebergs and appear to fly by freezing water in the hunt for fish. That’s how most individuals image penguins: taking part in amongst icebergs in Antarctica.

Though the southernmost continent boasts probably the most penguins of any area on the earth, it’s not the one place you’ll discover the tuxedoed hen. The Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and South Africa are 4 different locations the place you may see penguins of their pure habitat.

1. Antarctica

Expertise one of the distant and sumptuous locations on Earth as you encounter the huge continent of Antarctica. Regardless of the icy situations, there’s no scarcity of wildlife viewing right here, particularly for penguin lovers. The truth is, you’ll discover probably the most penguin species on the planet!

Seven penguin species are native to Antarctica: Adelie, chinstrap, Gentoo, king, macaroni, rockhopper and emperor penguins. Nonetheless, the Adelie and emperor penguins are the one two that stay solely on the Antarctic continent. The others both stay within the sub-Antarctic or journey between the 2 areas, relying on the season.

The Adelie is the smallest species of penguin within the Antarctic, in addition to probably the most widespread. Adelie penguins have feisty attitudes, too. They’ve been identified to tackle potential predators—seals or giant seabirds—and even assault visiting researchers with their flippers.

Emperor penguins are the biggest residing penguin species, standing as much as 4 toes tall. These creatures are simple to establish as a consequence of their sheer stature, weighing in anyplace between 48 and 80 kilos. They often mate for all times and work collectively to maintain their younger fed and protected.

Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) diving off iceberg, Antarctica, January

Adelie penguins © naturepl.com / Tim Laman / WWF

On our Crusing Antarctica Polar Wildlife Expedition, you’ll have quite a few alternatives to share the solitude with penguin colonies, together with on abandoned seashores whereas tenting beneath the celebs. 

One other spotlight is zooming by the icy water in Zodiacs to look at loud colonies of chinstrap, emperor, Gentoo and Adelie penguins. Chinstrap penguins are named for the slim black bands beneath their heads. Gentoo penguins, alternatively (or the opposite flipper) have white straps throughout the highest of their heads. Emperor penguins could be recognized by the pale yellow coloring of their ears and breasts. Adelie penguins are identified for his or her their tuxedo-like look.

Magellanic, Gentoo and rockhopper penguins—named for his or her capacity to leap over obstacles— stay on the rocky cliffs of the Falkland Islands, which you’ll be able to go to on Lindblad’s Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands cruise and South Georgia & the Falklands cruise. Thousands and thousands of king penguins—penguins with golden highlights on their heads and chests—stay on the seashores of South Georgia.

Study extra in regards to the penguins of Antarctica.

2. The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos penguin is the rarest species of penguin and the one one discovered north of the equator on this collection of islands within the Pacific Ocean positioned off the coast of Ecuador. You’re probably to identify them on Fernandina and Isabela islands, although in addition they hunt large faculties of fish simply offshore of Bartolome Island. Cruising by panga (motorized boat) alongside Punta Moreno on our Galapagos Discovery journey gives quite a few alternatives to search for penguins. Snorkeling round Sombrero Chino Island, chances are you’ll even encounter a resident penguin household.

The Galapagos penguin is without doubt one of the smallest penguin species on the earth at roughly 19 inches tall and 5.5 kilos. You possibly can spot these penguins all year-round, mostly swimming within the ocean, caring for their younger, and feasting on sardines, anchovies and mullet.

Galápagos penguins (Spheniscus mendiculus) in Los Túneles on Isabela Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

Galapagos penguins © Antonio Busiello / WWF-US

Sadly, a lot of the Galapagos penguin inhabitants (as much as 77%) has died off as a consequence of El Niño occasions. As waters heat, their prey species decline and their breeding turns into extra stress-induced and, subsequently, much less profitable. Immediately, there are an estimated 2,000 or fewer Galapagos penguins left on Earth. If you journey to the Galapagos with Nat Hab and World Wildlife Fund, you may relaxation assured that your conservation journey {dollars} will assist defend this treasured species!

Study extra in regards to the Galapagos penguin.

New Zealand

A number of penguin species are distinctive to New Zealand and the Oceana area. The blue penguin is the world’s smallest penguin and is called for its distinctive coloration. Crested penguins are identified for the brush-like feathers on their heads.

Because the identify would counsel, yellow-eyed penguins have distinctive amber-colored eyes and whitish-yellow stripes that run from their eyes across the backs of their heads. Though this shiny function is attribute of this species, younger yellow-eyed penguins have grey eyes and darkish brown or grey feathers.

The Yellow-Eyed Penguins family sitting in their nest at Katiki Point Lighthouse in New Zealand

Yellow-eyed penguins

You’ll encounter this uncommon species alongside the southeast coast of the South Island, along with the New Zealand islands of Campbell and Auckland, and the coastal forests of Stewart. The yellow-eyed penguin is carnivorous, feeding primarily upon fish akin to blue cod, crimson cod, opal fish, spats and silversides.

Discovered solely in New Zealand, the yellow-eyed penguin is without doubt one of the rarest penguin species on the earth, with fewer than 4,000 remaining. On our New Zealand Nature Explorer, you’ll have the uncommon alternative to go to Penguin Place, a personal conservation reserve and rehabilitation heart for endangered yellow-eyed penguins.

Along with the yellow-eyed penguin, New Zealand can be residence to the Tawaki penguin. Additionally known as Fiordland crested penguins, these are the one penguins that stay within the rain forest. They are often discovered on the southwest coast of New Zealand. Solely about 2,000 pairs stay, with 10% of the inhabitants residing alongside the shores of Lake Moeraki.

Study extra about yellow-eyed penguins.

3. Australia

Blue penguins—additionally known as fairy penguins—are the smallest penguin species at nearly one foot tall. An grownup blue penguin weighs in at simply round 3.3 kilos—lower than a half-gallon of milk! They’ve a particular slate-blue or indigo-blue coloration of feathers on the highest of their physique.

The blue penguin’s scientific genus identify, Eudyptula, means ‘good little diver,’ which they’re. They spend practically all day at sea, returning to land round nightfall, they usually journey all flocks to guard themselves from predators. Security in numbers!

Little penguin (Eudyptula minor) on rocks of St Kilda breakwater, Melbourne city lights in background. Victoria, Australia. January 2017.

Little blue penguin © naturepl.com / Doug Gimesy / WWF

On our Australia South: Tasmania, Kangaroo Island & the Nice Ocean Street journey, you may gaze in awe as you watch little blue penguins make their manner ashore and into their nests for the evening.

4. Chile

Standing about 3 toes tall and weighing 30 kilos or extra, king penguins sport black and white markings with splashes of vibrant orange throughout their head, beak and chest. They’re identified to be choosy eaters, consuming lanternfish and squid, relying on the season. These magnificent creatures can stay as much as 26 years within the wild and 41 years in captivity.

On our Patagonia Wilderness & Wildlife Explorer, we go to King Penguin Park, probably the most northerly king penguin colony on the earth, which is located alongside the west coast of Chile’s Tierra del Fuego in Chile. From elevated boardwalks and strategic hides, we spend unhurried time at this distant website observing the endlessly entertaining antics of the world’s second-largest penguin species. Established when birds arrived to nest right here in 2010, King Penguin Park is the one place to see this species exterior of Antarctica and the Falkland Islands.

King penguins in Antarctica

King penguins © Jordy Oleson

On our journey round Chile, we can also spot Magellanic penguins on the Francisco Coloane Marine Park. These penguins thrive in coastal Patagonia, together with Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands, with some migrating to Brazil and Uruguay. Their identify originates from the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, whose crew noticed the species whereas crusing across the tip of South America in 1519.

Magellanic penguins have a black physique with a white stomach, which helps them evade predators whereas swimming. Their black backs mix into the darkish ocean, and, from beneath, their white stomachs are camouflaged by the sunshine from the sky.

Study extra about our Patagonia Wilderness & Wildlife Explorer.

5. South Africa

In 1982, a colony of African penguins settled on Boulders Seaside in Cape City. The colony of three,000 penguins is now one of many mainland penguin colonies. African penguins have a black stripe and black spots on their chests. The sample of spots is exclusive to every penguin, like a human fingerprint. These penguins roam freely on the seaside, permitting for shut encounters as you stroll among the many seaside’s granite boulders.

African penguins posing at Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

African penguins

Meet this distinctive colony while you add a Cape City Extension to our Secluded South Africa safari.

Study extra about penguins and assist defend them from our conservation companion, World Wildlife Fund.

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