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Evaluation: Moss Cross Tokyo – French Japanese Omakase With 9 beginners offered in a container

Moss Cross Tokyo, the well liked omakase restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, features exposed its very first international socket in Singapore at Capri by Fraser Asia Square. The restaurant acts French-Japanese cuisine, with meal units beginning with S$69++ and supper from S$128++.

moss cross tokyo in singapore

moss mix tokyo in singapore

we went to Moss Cross Tokyo recently and attempted their particular 7-course Wakon Yosai omakase which will be coming in at S$150++.

One for the determining meals at Moss Cross Tokyo is the Shokado-9 which will be supported throughout of the meal and supper units. This will be rather a photogenic range of 9 meals in a square wood package with 9 compartments. 

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The assortment may alter a little with regards to the period. During the time of my check out, I’d the Tomato Raspberry, Chutoro from Aomori with Tartar Sauce, Seared Madai from Ehime with Herb Dressing, Firefly Squid Basil Sauce, Crab from Hokkaido and Potato Mousse, Corn Jelly with Caviar and Yuzu, Steamed Chicken with Fig and Sesame Dressing, Vegetable in Herb Rice Ball and Roasted Wagyu with Seaweed Sauce and Avocado. I happened to be encouraged for eating the beginners in a high – down style, going from directly to left, using the tastes going from light to hefty when I progressed. 

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The after that training course or even the very first entree ended up being the Scallop Spring Roll, Mushroom Sauce. French sensibilities actually banged in right here since the springtime roll took the type of a flaky pastry layer using the completing within comprising an assortment of scallops and floor beef. We liked the entire taste profile for the stuffing and I also couldn’t assist but compare it to Fuzhou-style oyster desserts. 

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For the next entree, the Crab with Chawanmushi, Lily Bulb and Bisque Emulsion ended up being both familiar and book in addition. On one side, there was clearly the custard-like chawanmushi but this is topped using the western sensibilities of an emulsion created from crab bisque. The egg ended up being smooth even though the bisque emulsion lent a stronger fish and shellfish flavor profile to your meal.

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The after that training course, the Tokachi Herb Beef from Hokkaido, included tomato Worcestershire sauce. Tokachi natural herb meat just isn’t some thing one often extends to taste in Singapore. Its known including the cattle graze and prey on the herb-rich pastures in Hokkaido. The beef is mentioned because of its nice taste and wealthy human anatomy. Among shows for the training course in my situation ended up being the crispy breading created from parsley and breadcrumbs. In general, it moved really using the Worcestershire sauce. 

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Diners arrive at select from 2 seafood meals for fifth training course. Inside my supper, it absolutely was often the Kujirabuttai from Okinawa with benefit ointment sauce or Buri from Kochi with Agrume sauce. I’d a bite for the 2 choices and both had been rather hefty regarding the sauces which balanced the surface / preparing way of the seafood.

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The carb meal for the evening ended up being Somen Noodle from Nagasaki with Mozoku from Nagoya. This is a most wonderful and nourishing training course. The noodles had been done exceedingly thin which moved really using the soup and mozoku (brown algae).

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For sweets, we once more got 2 choices, either the Mizu-Yokan with Elderflower or even the Sweet Tomato, cream-cheese and Lemon Granite

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Of both, we preferred the nice tomato dessert. I recently love the energizing flavor of nice tomato. But i might need certainly to state the Mizu-Yokan ended up being the greater inventive dessert with a beguiling jelly roll interspersed with sorbet and sliced strawberries.

In a dining scene in which many omakase dishes cost a few hundred bucks per individual, Moss Cross Tokyo roles it self competitively using its sub-100 meal units and supper omakase coming in at S$150++. Do note but that is a French-Japanese idea which means you won’t actually arrive at start to see the cook for action and you can find small European subtleties that are included with the bathroom also. 

Moss Cross Tokyo
181 Southern Bridge path
Capri by Fraser Asia Square

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm



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